From Ranger Lewis Prettyman, Veteran of C Co, 1/75 Ranger

I was taken completely by surprise when I read the morning newspaper today...all units to wear our black beret! I cannot believe the idiotic notion that to "build morale" in toady's army, our illustrious Chief of Staff will give every soldier in the regular army the right to wear a beret that few have earned the right to wear through extremely hard work. So much for morale in one of the army's premier fighting units... the Army Rangers. As you know, and the Chief of Staff obviously doesn't, there is a reason we have a "regular" army. Few have the intestinal fortitude to attempt membership in the Ranger Battalions, Green Berets, etc. That's why they are called "Special". Even those with the gumption to try don't always make it. Those that don't even try, for whatever reason, fall into our "Regular" component. Distinction between the two, though a hat worn on our heads, is paramount to the pride of our Ranger units. With pride comes honor and all the key components of that "Special" mentality that accomplishes missions and win wars...true professionals; not the "appearance of professionalism" as is the goal of Shinseki. What a joke! I sincerely hope this organization is doing everything in it's power to keep the Ranger's symbol of professionalism Ranger only. If the Chief of Staff must give out berets, give the regular army Brown Berets like the "Crap Hats" in England...or make them all go through Airborne school, that hell we call "R.I.P.", and/or Ranger School and rightly earn their Black Berets as those few who dared to try have done.

Black berets for everyone! Sheesh! What a dishonor to Past- Present -and Future Rangers! Do something about it! Give out addresses, phone numbers, and contacts for us to reply to this ridiculously typical "Higher-up Response" to better our army!

Ranger Lewis G. Prettyman, Veteran
C Co 1/75 Ranger