Sample Responses to Inspire You

The following responses have been sent in from far and wide. These are all from veterans, family members, spouses, supporters, and yes, even soldiers who don't want to have anything to do with wearing a Black Beret that they didn't earn. Even they understand the difference.

We've heard from people of all walks who are rightly indignant that someone could actually believe that stripping Rangers of their distinctive headgear could somehow make the rest of the Army better. Yes, that is why Airborne, Rangers and Special Forces are so dedicated to acheive professional excellence. They do it for the hat.

Please borrow freely from the following letters, but do your best to make the one you send to your target audience "yours".

From Rangers

From Special Forces and Airborne
From Family Members
Author: Ranger Ralph Pucket, 8th Army Rangers, Korean War, Honorary Colonel of the 75th Ranger Regiment and Member of the Ranger Hall of Fame. Author: Harold "Jake" Jacobsen, Executive Director, Special Operations Association. Author: Mary Ellen Keen, the Wife of the commander of the 75th Ranger Regiment, submits this inspiring poem.
Author: Ranger Emmett Hiltibrand, President of the 75th Ranger Regiment Association Author: SGM(Ret.) William Bowles, Special Forces Veteran Author: Brenda Hall, wife of the most recent past CSM of the 75th Ranger Regiment, CSM Michael Hall.
Author: Ranger Jim Grimshaw, President of the United States Army Ranger Association Humor: Ballad of the Black Beret Author: The James Markwell Family, Surviving family members of a Ranger who lost his life in Operation Just Cause.
Author: Ranger Minor Kelso, Commander of the 7th Ranger Infantry Company and President of Ranger Infantry Companies (Airborne) of the Korean War Author: Mark Christianson, Veteran of the 82nd Airborne Division and the Gulf War. Author: Joanne Miller, Ranger Wife
Author: Ranger Robert Black, 8th Airborne Rangers Korean War and Member of the Ranger Hall of Fame. Author: Paratrooper Ronald England, Veteran of the 2/504 Parachute Infantry Regiment Author: A Rangers Mom
Author: Ranger Duke DuShane, Veteran of P/75 and member of the Ranger Hall of Fame Author: James Bradley, 173rd Airborne Brigade and Veteran of the Vietnam War Author: Joseph Leuer, Secretary for the Ranger Memorial Foundation.
Author: Ranger Kenneth Pitts, Veteran of A Co, 3/75 Ranger 1989-1993. Author: A Special Forces NCO. Author: Ranger Wife, Heather James, her husband is a Ranger serving in the Regiment.
Author: Ranger Jack Daniel, Member of the Ranger Hall of Fame. Author: A Special Forces NCO who recently trained with 3/75 Ranger Author: LTC Donald Jordan, US Army Retired and friends of the Rouse's, surviving family members of Ranger Markwell who gave his life for his country in Operation Just Cause.
Author: Ranger Lewis G. Prettyman, Veteran of C Co 1/75 Ranger Author: United States Marine, John Scott, Ranger School Graduate Author: Karla Lutz Bowling, Daughter of MG Joseph Lutz, First Commander of SOCOM
Author: Ranger Lynn Flock, Veteran of C Company 75th Infantry (Ranger), Vietnam   Author:Donald R. Jordan, Pioneer in Army automation and computer systems.
Author: Ranger Kurt S. Boehm, Veteran of 2/75 Ranger and Operation Just Cause   Author: A future Ranger who wants the Black Beret to mean something when he earns it.
Ranger Letters -- overflow parking area
Author: Ranger Sean Coldiron, Veteran of 2/75 Ranger Author: Ranger Reinaldo A. Rios, Veteran of C Co., 2/75 Ranger(1985-89) Author: Ranger Brian Duff, Veteran of 3/75 Ranger.
Author: Ranger Jeff Kukenbaker, Veteran of 2/75 Ranger Author: Ranger Derrick LaVake, Veteran of C Co, 1/75 Ranger Author: Ranger Mark Schmeeckle, Veteran of C Co 2/75.
Author: Ranger Frank E. South, Jr., Ph.D., President, Northeast Chapter, Ranger Battalions Association of W.W.II Author: Ranger Clement Ross, Veteran of 1/75 Ranger and Combat Veteran of Grenada Author: Ranger Jeff Curran, Veteran of 1/75 Ranger who had the duty of ensuring his Ranger buddy was buried with his Black Beret.
Author: Ranger Dr. William Anton, Commander of H/75 Ranger in the Vietnam War Author: Ranger Lewis Femanio, Veteran of P/75 Ranger during the Vietnam War. Author: Ranger D. W. Schneff, 1st Ranger Bn Veteran
Author: Ranger Thomas Nash, President of the E51/G75 LRRP/Ranger Association