United States Marine, John Scott, Ranger School Graduate

Dear Sir,

The Army will never improve its readiness or esprit de corps by giving away an elite distinction of courage and intestinal fortitude, to men and women who do not know what it takes to earn it.

I am a Reconnaissance Marine that graduated Ranger School in class 12-93.

I was never awarded a black beret, and the Marine Corps does not authorize the coveted Ranger Tab on my uniform. You don't go to the school for ornaments of dress; you go to become the best at our profession of arms. Inside a man's heart is where he makes the difference, not on his head. Believing that the Army will better itself by wearing a stolen badge of honor, is a fantasy.

Rangers "will never leave a fallen comrade....", unfortunately the Department of the Army has left them and their traditions in the wind.

By letting anyone who steps into the Army in any capacity, wear the black beret that men have died in Ranger School trying to earn, is a travesty.

Respectfully submitted,

John C. Scott