How You Can Make A Difference

Action Items


  1. Do your best to try and get local media time to stop this bad idea from being implemented. Most cities have conservative talk shows that may allow you, as an individual Ranger or Ranger supporter, to present the facts on the issues. Read through this site, in the 'sample letters section' to establish good arguments for yourself. Since this is a huge waste of taxpayer money, emphasize the point. Encourage others to write their elected officials on the issue.

  2. If you are a webmaster, use one of the images below to refer users back to Send your URL to our Link Coordinator so that we can link back to your location. The organizations listed below are those that would like General Shinseki to reverse his decision on this issue, and have made a commitment to publicize this issue and website. We thank you.

    75th Ranger Regiment Association
    U.S. Army Ranger Association
    Association of Ranger Infantry Companies (Airborne) of the Korean War
    Merrill's Marauder's Association
    U.S. Mountain Ranger Association
    4th Div. LRRP - K/75 Rangers (RVN)
    E/20 LRP - C/75 Rangers (RVN)
    Vietnamese (RVN) Army Ranger Association
    The Drop Zone, Virtual Museum - the website
    75th Association Quartermaster
    Dowd's Dirty Half Dozen
    Sua Sponte [196th LRRP, E/51 LRP, G/75 (Ranger) 75th Inf]
    LRRP/Rangers of the Vietnam War
    Vietnam Red Devils
    5th Infantry Division, Red Diamond
    22nd Infantry Regiment Society
    Ranger Brian House and Ohiovet
    Camp Napa
    Army Ranger

  3. Please use your influence as an individual to encourage other Veterans organizations to ask General Shinseki to reconsider his decision. Write them and ask them to use the images above on their site so their own members may become educated on the CSA's decision to waste $10 Million taxpayer dollars on an ineffective solution to our Army's problems.

General Support Items

  1. First and foremost - act and communicate in a professional manner. You will impress no one if you call and express, in an emotional manner, how upset you are about this issue.

  2. Be diplomatic and eloquent. You represent the Ranger Community when speaking to others about this issue. Make sure the impact you have is long lasting and positive.

  3. Communicate with the right people. Do not call the 75th Ranger Regiment, Ranger Training Brigade, or United States Army Special Operations Command. These units are in the same situation we are. Faced with the loss of a tangible and powerful symbol of the courageous service they provide our country, they have been ordered to remain silent on the issue. You will not acheive positive results by preaching to the choir. You must target an audience capable of influencing the Chief of Staff.

  4. Send great letters to this site for posting. Use the Contacts page for targeting your letters to centers of influence.

  5. Get involved with an organization which opposes the Chief of Staff's plan to implement the Black Beret as the standard US Army headgear.