Thank You!

We, the undersigned, as duly elected representatives of our respective veterans organizations, are for retaining the Black Beret as a unique symbol of earned accomplishment solely for U.S. Army Rangers. The Army-wide issuance of the Ranger Black Beret would erode the power of the symbol.

We do, however, support the efforts of General Shinseki in transforming our Army into a more lethal, deployable and professional armed force.

Thank you,

Emmett Hiltibrand, President,
75th Ranger Regiment Association
Jim Grimshaw, President,
U.S. Army Ranger Association
Minor Kelso, President,
Ranger Infantry Companies of the Korean War
Phil Piazza, President,
Merrill's Marauder's Association
Jim Joiner, President
101st Airborne Division Association
Wayne Lawley, President,
Special Forces Association
John Kormann, President,
17th Airborne Division Association
Bob Nesbitt, President
187th Airborne Regimental Combat Team Association
Merle W. McMorrow, President,
517th Parachute Regimental Combat Team
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