Ranger Frank South, Veteran of 2nd Ranger Battalion, World War II

Dear Senator Roth:

As a member of the 2nd Ranger Bn. of W.W.II, I was shocked, as were my fellow veterans, to learn that the distinctive Black Beret of the Army Rangers was to become standard issue to all army units next year by order of one Gen. Shinseki. Already this has affected the morale of the currently active members of this elite and important force but will, I am certain, have a distinctly deleterious affect on future re-enlistments and recruitment. Many regard this as a thoughtless insult to these distinctive volunteer battalions who have given so much to their nation. I am confident that you will use your influence to help correct this serious blunder.

I have taken the liberty of attaching two analyses of the problem. The first is by Bob Black, the published author of two books and several articles about the Rangers, and a distinguished soldier himself. I hope you will give them your attention.

Most sincerely,

Frank E. South, Jr., Ph.D.
President, Northeast Chapter, Ranger Battalions Assoc., W.W.II