From A Ranger's Mom

October 18, 2000

Read with total disbelief an article in today's NY Daily News which detailed General Shinseki's announcement that a black beret will become standard uniform issue!!

I remember with pride the day my son completed Airborne Training at Fort Benning, received his silver wings and donned the red beret. I remember when he was at Fort Bragg attached to the 82nd, when he spent his 21st birthday as a member of the Multinational Force and Observers in the Sinai. I remember the great pride I felt when he told us he had decided begin training to become a United States Airborne Ranger and even greater pride when he completed that training .

I consider the plans to allow any and every soldier to wear a beret of any color, let alone the Black Beret to be an insult to each and every soldier who has proven themselves worthy to be called Ranger!!! General Shinseki calls it a symbol of unity. I call it stupidity and and another example of the trend in our society of downgrading excellence and promoting mediocrocy.

I only hope and pray that prior to June 14th this decision will be overturned and the beret stays as a symbol of excellence and the honor of wearing one will be reserved for those who haven proven themselves worthy to be members of an elite group of soldiers.

A Mothers Opinion