From Ranger Duke DuShane, Veteran of P/75 and member of the Ranger Hall of Fame

Gen. Shinseki,

As the saying goes" If it's not broke, don't fix it"; The Black Beret, the Green Beret and the Maroon Beret have already been tested and proven to be symbols of courage and pride and their exploits written in the blood of the wearer's, let these symbol's stand. If the rest of the Army must have a beret let them have the Olive drab which has always been the color for the U.S.Army.

We of the Veteran Ranger Community are well aware of your feelings in regard to the standards that one of our own was trying to set in the Army in Europe before he was removed and decided to retire. We would hate to think that your decision to take the Black Beret from the Rangers is in fact a form of revenge.


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