From Mark Schmeeckle, Veteran of C Co, 2/75 Ranger

October 22, 2000

The four years that I was privaleged enough to wear the Black Beret were the best of my life. The ability to wear such a prized possesion should never be bestowed upon the masses. Those who only have the ability to see past their next star will never understand the pride and honor that go along with such a tradition. I will not let that pride and honor be stripped from my memory by an individual with his head stuck so far up his ass that he cannot see straight. Where are the general officers that have served in the Regiment? Why aren't they taking a stand? How can this move be justified by the Chief of Staff who has no better reason than the Black Beret looking really nice?

Count me in, I am joining the fight!

Ranger Marc Schmeeckle,
C Co 2/75 Ranger 1992-1996