From Karla Lutz Bowling, Daughter of MG Joseph Lutz, First Commander of SOCOM

I have just read the e-mail regarding the policy that black berets will be "standard issue" for all Army personnel. I am literally sick to my stomach. I am the daughter of MG Joseph C. Lutz, who passed away last year. I can't even imagine what his reaction would, let me take that back.... The beret is a symbol of honor, respect, and duty going far above "standard". To issue a beret to all personnel is a slap in the face to those soldiers who have taken the path of MOST resistance, who have sacrificed blood, sweat, tears, and lives to wear the coveted beret.

Why don't we just go ahead and issue the Purple Heart and Medal of Honor to every soldier while we're at it? Maybe that would help morale. Something nice to hang above the fireplace and brag about.

This is the VERY thing that DISCOURAGES the BEST to LEAVE!!!!!!! What little recognition they have is taken away from them. They don't ask for much. Many forego better paying jobs to serve their country with honor--now even the simple honor of being able to wear a symbol of distinction is threatened.

I'm not even in the military, nor will this decision affect me personally, but it is truly disturbing to think someone at that level could be so out of touch. Eureka! I think I've figured out the "morale" problem.


Karla Lutz Bowling